Advanced Link types

The Red theme offers multiple components for creating unique links to pages within your site and resources outside of your site. All link types include an arrow icon to give a visual indication that the content is a link. Links to pages within your site (internal) and links to pages outside your website (external) have two different styles of link icon as shown below.

screenshot of two different arrow types

Call to Action Links

screenshot of call to action link variations

You can add Call to Action Links with icons and text anywhere in the body area of the page. Options for this component include with or without a title showing, light or dark background, and 12 icons built into the theme.

Example This is a Jumbo Link

Link Tiles component

There is one Link Tile component that offers three variations of links shown below:

  • Regular, which is text only with a horizontal line about the text.
  • With images, which is sized the same as Regular, but includes images
  • Featured, which is a larger format with images and text.

All variations have required fields of: Link text, Link type (internal or external) and the link. For internal links — links to other pages on your site — you will select the page from a pull-down menu of published pages. For external links, you will need to add the full URL of the page that is outside your website.

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