Footer & Menus

The Red theme offers two options for footers and multiple types of menus used in the header, on the side on internal pages and in the footer.

Footer options

There are two types of footers available for your website, the Simple footer is shown on this website, and a Mega Footer that is similar to the footer with multiple menus of links and link buttons available.

screenshot of mega footer example

This is an example of a Mega Footer


Editing menus on Red functions the same as in standard WordPress installations.

Eyebrow menu

The Eyebrow menu is at the top of the header on your website. The and Campus Map links and search function are built into the menu via the theme. You can create additional links unique to your site that would appear to the left of the search icon. These links can be to internal or external pages.

Global navigation menu

This menu appears directly below the Eyebrow Menu and is the primary navigation tool for your website. The menu includes the Landing Pages links and the first level of internal pages below them as a drop-down. Links in the Global navigation should only be to internal pages. Users expect the links in this menu to help them navigate your site, not to take them to external websites.

Internal navigation

When you open a Landing or Internal page, you will see a menu on the left side of the content area. You will also see breadcrumb navigation above the content which helps identify the path within a section of your site. These menus are created by identifying Parent pages in the Page Attributes and adding them to your menu from Appearance > Menus.

Footer menu options

The Mega Footer option allows for 1-3 category menus and 1 button menu. To create the menus, open Appearance > Menus. Create a new menu and give it a name that helps you identify it. In Menu Settings, select the display location. The Quick Menus appear left to right in numerical order and the Button Menu appears to the right of them.